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An Evening of Pathways to Spiritual Wellbeing


Sally de Beche with Tony Gee


Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 7 to 9 pm

Venue: 283 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury, VIC 3126


On this evening you will be guided through meditations, discussions and techniques that have proven effective while offering pathways to insight, clarity and healing. The intrinsic mind & body link will be explored and experienced; along with the idea that we are connected to a fabric much greater than is visible to the human eye. The techniques offer a sense of belonging through connectedness to community and expansive awareness. The idea of self and soul purpose within the context of your life will breathe new light into discussions & meditations.

RSVP to Sally - Email

                      Phone: 0402 004 858

Limited spaces available - book early to avoid disappointment.

Cherokee Bodywork Course & Native American Healing Workshop


Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD PhD & Barbara Mainguy MA


30th May - 2nd June 2016

Cost: $500 full, $395 early bird (31 March)

Venue: Warburton, Yarra Valley


In this Course we will explore the Cherokee system of body work massage therapy, and the breath healing work that constitutes a core of this system. We will work with techniques for eliciting the 

story of the pain and/or the injury and explore how these stories aid healing as we work within 

them and modify them. Cherokee also used energy meridians, massaging of points and how this 

assists the removal of restrictions to the flow of energy and facilitates healing.


The workshop will include: 

• Cherokee touch and bodywork techniques
• Supervised practice of Cherokee bodywork
• Cherokee breathwork techniques, as a means of restoring spirit to all parts of a body
• The incorporation of story, imagery and dialogue into bodywork
• The importance of ceremony, ritual, and intent in bodywork
• Body Movement and manipulation
• Cherokee use of acupressure, energy meridians, crystals, and energy medicine
• Partner and group healings
• Sacred ceremony


Limited spaces available - book early to avoid disappointment.


For further information see,
or call 0407 650 026

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MINI BOOK LAUNCH - THE TRUTH SEEKER: Exploring the Mysteries of the Metaphyical and the Multidimensional Identity of Humankind


By Joan L Boler


Thursday 28th January 2016, 7 to 9 pm

Venue: 283 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury, VIC 3126


If you are interested in all aspects of the paranormal, take the opportunity to meet the author of this book that provides the reader with a compulsive, page turning read. It delves with fascinating detail into psychic ability, the power of the mind and out-of-body and near-death experiences. It explores reincarnation, life between one life and the next and the existence of non-physical life forms. This book is provacatively controversial in its probing of 4 thousand years of religious beliefs.


For more details check out the website - 


Join the author as she discusses the contents of the book and answers your questions!


RSVP to Sally - Email

                      Phone: 0402 004 858

Limited spaces available - book early to avoid disappointment.


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