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The Life Is... Foundation is a not for profit charitable organisation dedicated to well being and harm prevention in our community.


We believe one of the most powerful ways to prevent harm is by focusing upon and developing wellbeing. This is consistent with the principles of Positive Psychology including  Seligman’s concept of ‘inoculation’ from stressors and building resilience. Wellbeing has also been shown to be one of the best predictors of future mental and physical health.

​Our Mission:


  • To expand and deepen our understanding of depression, self harm and suicidal behaviour in children, young people and adults, as well as our understanding of ways of being well.

  • To explore and action innovative and diverse ways of preventing, treating and working with people, particularly young people, in dealing with depression, self harm and suicidal behaviour while acknowledging their daily challenges. This also includes postvention activities.

  • To work within a framework of optimism and hope, that emphasises:

  • a 'whole of person' approach recognising physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms of being

  • the importance of purpose and meaning in people’s lives

  • the significance of relationships, community connection, understanding, and education in fulfilling these goals


Life Is... Projects and Events


In fulfilling our mission, the Foundation supports and develops a number of programs and events to facilitate wellbeing and ‘inoculate’ against harm. These can be seen under Projects and News & Events.

Life Is... Foundation

Please contact Life Is... for more details about our projects, events and services.


Hocokah House, 283 Canterbury Road,

Canterbury VIC 3126

​Telephone: ​03 9077 8668


ABN 56 548 237 717

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